Teachers pay rise in Bhutan. Why?

teachers pay rise

Teachers pay rise as announce in BBS: Total of 8,679 teachers will receive a pay rise from 1st July, 2019 dated 19/06/2019. It was a huge strategical move made by the present government.

There was a hot discussion going on in social networking such as in Facebook, “why only teachers and medical staff receives a huge pay rise?”

On the other hand, some positively said, Pay and allowances for teachers and doctors increased as deserved since teachers built nation and doctor saves lives.

Well, Prime Minister said, “As pledged, our focus is on according due motivation to the teachers, while also improving quality of the profession, which in turn will benefit our education system. Salary is just one aspect. As part of our flagship programs, we are also targeting capacity building and career advancement for teachers.” It does not mean that other profession are not important.

Does pay rise for teachers and doctors really mean that there should be 100% pass and zero death of patients in hospital because they are now paid high? This is what our society thinks. You should know that we are able to read this article today because we were once taught by the teachers and whether our teachers are paid high or low they are the one who sacrificed a lot to educate us. Whether we fail or pass, it does not really make difference because we did not join the school only to pass the examination. We joined the school to get educated and make our living easier.

Teacher pay raised

Here are some of the reason behind for teachers pay hike:

To retain an experienced teachers in the sector.

Retaining an experienced teachers had been a biggest threat in the education sector. In the year 2018, 355 teachers left of which 266 had voluntarily resigned. A 10-year period from 2008-2018 saw 2,716 teachers leaving the profession. This issue is not only in the numbers but it is usually the more experienced and trained teachers leaving and they don’t get the best replacement. If we look into the number replacement of teachers, it’s not an issue because there are plenty of youths unemployed but getting an experienced individuals is a problem.

Hopefully, this problem may get solved because teachers leave their profession due to mismatch between the workload and the payment.

To bring in best and the brightest.

The minister said that good teachers will lead to good students and these students in the future will be soldiering the responsibility of national building which will bring a positive impact for a GNH country. The reality of the education sector for the past many years has been considered as a ‘last option.’ As a result, the best and brightest have not opted for it.

Now, we will be able to witness the cream opting for the teaching profession which indeed will help the nation in building a responsible citizen.

Higher stress levels and longer working hours to be negotiated through payment.

Teachers endure greater job-related stress than other professionals, according to the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). Dr. Mary Bousted said that when faced with impossible workloads, endless accountability, a testing culture run riot and flat or underfunded pay deals year after year, it is all too common for good teachers to leave the profession

And now, when the higher stress levels and longer working hours are paid accordingly government would be able to minimize the teachers leaving the profession.

wrap up

With the higher pay and allowances we would be able to see the brightest people joining the profession and the future of country will definitely become brighter.

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