Letter for Parents: By Tshering Choki.

letter to the parents

This Letter to Parents was written by Tshering Choki of class XI on the parenting day. It conveys a very strong message to all the parents around the globe . Read till the end which is just of 250 words with greater meaning in it. Be the change and be a better parents for the better world.

      Letter to Parents.

Ama (mom) kadrenchay (thank you) for everything and I am indeed sorry for what I couldn’t do.

Dear Parents,

You are great, god in humans’ body.

You do a lot for us: sacrifices, work tirelessly, and do your best of ability just to make a child happy.

You all are the best thing that ever happened to us.

But …

It is very much disheartening for us when our god parents drinks alcohol (life taker). Indeed it may be true that alcohol heals your pain when you are tensed, sad or tired but it kills your good qualities and leads us to more problems. Why not tea, juice and water instead of alcohol? Water will extend your living periods while alcohol will shorten it. WE DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU.

It is even disheartening when parents’ divorce. If one needs to divorce then I don’t see the use of marrying. It may be easy on you but hard on us. Life with step parents is worse than hell and nobody seems like a living day.

In case of me after dad left us, there was lots of chances on me of getting into drugs, suicide and a lot more but life let me to another path. The path that can brighten ones future and that was to study hard. I did my part, succeeded in controlling myself but many child fails to and choose the other path of getting spoiled, and who knows it may be one of your child.

So, make your family a paradise to live in.

Thank you parents, especially thank you MOM.

With due respect and love Tshering Choki, class XI.


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