How to Learn with Facebook: 5 effective tips

learn with Facebook

Brief History about Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a press conference in Paris on May 23, 2018. (Photo by BERTRAND GUAY / AFP)

learn with Facebook. Facebook is a trending social media which makes connecting people easier with a platform to share varieties of content. It was initially launched as FaceMash in July 2003. Facebook came into existence only in the year 2004 and was created by Mark Zuckerberg when he was in Harvard University. As of now, the income generated from Facebook have made its founder the world’s 7th richest person with net worth $65.8 Billion. Currently, Facebook has 2.37 billion monthly active users, an increase of 55 million on the previous quarter.


According to social blade there are 58.2 million active social media accounts till date. It includes the accounts created in YouTube Creators, Instagram, Twitch Streamers, Twitter, Facebook pages, daily motion creators and mixer streamers. Out of 58.2 million accounts, 355k are active Facebook pages.

In this era, all most 90% of the people have Facebook account and may be 50% of them are even running a Facebook page. Every business man, marketers, online streamers, entrepreneurs’, meme creators, institutes, and online tutors have their own official Facebook page to connect with larger audience.

Every people who runs a Facebook page have their own objectives and motives. For example, business man creates Facebook Page to advertise their product and sell online. It has been one of the cheapest and fastest means of reaching the information and product to the larger audience online. As world second richest man Bill Gate rightly said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. Therefore, people around the world saw Facebook as an effective platform for meeting their goal.

Similarly, away from doing business, do you use Facebook to enhance your skills and knowledge?  Or you just use Facebook to chat and upload your daily status?

For me, Facebook really helped in enhancing my skills and knowledge. There may be many ways to learn from Facebook but I am going to share you five effective tips on how to use Facebook for educational purpose.

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  1. Follow the Facebook page that gives you tips and idea.

Maximum people who use Facebook are seen following a Facebook page which is entertaining in nature. Of course, seeing funny memes makes you laugh and you even mention your friends and close people to make it even funnier. But for what? Do you get anything from it? What if you have followed the pages that motivates you, give tips and ideas, who share informative content?

Now a days, browsing Facebook has become a normal routine. People spend maximum of their free time online. If you follow an informative page, then you will get to see the content that they share on their pages. Boom! You will be updated with new ideas and tips.

learn with Facebook
Graphics Designer

For example, if my dream is to become a graphic designer, then I would have followed the pages who upload their creative graphics design ideas. Their content keeps me motivated in conquering my dream. Moreover, I would have even followed a page on the software that I use to design a graphics to know their update on new versions and features. learn with Facebook!

  1. Join a Facebook forum that solves your problem.

This tips really helped me a lot. Joining a page based on my interest helped me a lot to solve the problems that I encounter.

When I was learning how to design a website, I joined online discussion forum related to website development. Whenever I encounter a problem I usually post my question in the forum where people who already have an idea on particular topic gives us solution. This is the fastest means of getting our doubt cleared. Join a forum that have maximum member.

learn from Facebook
learn Photography.

If you are a student, you should have joined a forum which talks about academic related topics of your level.

Moreover, you can also use a Facebook forum to collect data especially for research paper. Put your question in forum and collect their view through comment. You will get a wonderful concrete responses from the member.

  1. Be friend with your tutor and motivator.

One account can have maximum of 5000 friends in Facebook. If we really look into our friend list we hardly know 10% of them. What are we doing with rest of the 90% of friends? Do we really need them? But I don’t mean to unfriend unknown. But you really need to ask yourself, what are you doing with unknown people? What if you were friend with your teacher and motivator?

In 21st century, meeting a teacher 24/7 personally is hard. Every one need a teacher to succeed in life. You should find other means of getting connected with your tutor. So that you can always ask for help as and when necessary. So, I recommend getting connected with your tutor and motivator through social media like Facebook.

  1. Create a group/forum with your mates.

Creating group or forum within your mates will help you to connect together from different place on one idea. We are no more in olden days, where all people of same interest working on particular topic have to gather for discussion. You can always create a temporary group or forum to discuss on particular topic.

learn with facebook
Create Facebook forum to solve your problem.

If you are a student, you can always make a group discussion by creating temporary Facebook group. It’s much more convenient and safe. Use Facebook for educational purpose, learn with Facebook.

  1. Stay in touch with senior students

It’s always good to keep in touch with your senior students at least in social networking. They can be of great help in many ways, since they are the one who already know the road ahead of you. They are the right person to ask regarding any academic related topic or any issues that you face. Always maintain a good relationship with your senior students be it personally or online.

Wrap up

Now a day’s people can’t live without smart phone. Why? There may be few exceptional cases like online gaming and all but most people indulge in social media like Facebook, twitter, Instragram, etc…

Since you spend most of the time with social media, it would be a great help if you use it productively. Time and money spent for Facebook is never a waste if you use it for educational purpose. Your 99 data package has a value of bringing Nu.99K.

Always be a smart facebooker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! learn with Facebook!

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