Online log book system in google form.

online log book

Creating an online log book from google forms has been very convenient to use. It is very easy to develop and user friendly too. I am sharing based on my experience since we had been using this for 6 month in our school and there wasn’t any issues or problem. Indeed it was a great success and helpful. I think you can also try this in your school too.

Good thing is we can create a short cut apps in our smart phones. when we are creating as a short cut apps it will be displayed on our home screen. you can watch the video below for step-by-step demonstration.

for an information, maximum schools and institute are seen using this system.

Advantages of eLog book:

  • No more use of pen and paper.
  • Secure and reliable: since it’s based on online system, students cannot make any changes and no worry of losing it unlike in the past year that students who are frequently absent tends to hide the log book.
  • Minimizes the absentees: for both teachers and students. Even teachers can be traced that whether he or she is in class since the responses we collect automatically records the date and time as well.
  • Since all the data can be stored or saved, it will acts as a documents. Easy to deal, in case if there happens any problem with the absentees.
  • Admin (Academic head) can have full control and can do necessary follow up for both teachers and students who are absent.
  • Cost effective.


  • Internet connection is must.
  • Simple Smart phone is required.
  • Should have little knowledge of ICT to use. May be for few days then will be very convenient to use.

watch full video tutorial here:


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