Amazon Associates Earning: affiliate marketer in Bhutan.

In this blog I talked about being an amazon Associates from Bhutan. How much money you can make being an amazon affiliate associate?

Affiliate marketing/Associate is a process of earning a commission by promoting other peoples product.

If you are able to run an affiliate marketing effectively, than you will make a good income. Even in your sleep you will see your income growing. You just have to register as an affiliate associate to the company who facilities affiliate marketing.

Once you are able to register as an affiliate associate to any big online store, you have to place the link of the product on your website. Whenever people buy the product from your link, you will be paid with certain amount of commission. Isn’t a quick and easiest way of making passive income?

Good thing about an affiliate marketing is you need not have to brand your own product to sell. Generate income by promoting other peoples product. It is beneficial to all the people who are involved in the business:
  1. Person who is buying the product.

Why? Does he/she gets a discount or offer while buying a product from an affiliate associate site?

No, an affiliate associate does not have a right to give offer or discount sales on top of what company offers. But if you buy a product from affiliate associate site, you will get to know more about the product. They writes a review on the product. So that you will never regret after getting your things.

  1. Person who promotes a product (Affiliate associate).

It’s a huge benefits to the person who promotes other peoples or companies product. It is one of the cheapest ways of doing a business without investing any money. Instead you will make a good revenue.

Product promoter does not need to brand any product of themselves, instead they help in selling other companies product. They writes a review on any product they are promoting and enjoys a commission when consumer buys from their links.

  1. The companies who offer affiliate marketing.

Through affiliate marketing, companies can sell their product more. so, making a huge profit is not compromised. These is what makes them a successful business man.

What affiliate marketing is appropriate in Bhutan?

Amazon Associates.

We heard of people making a huge amount from so many big companies in other countries by being an affiliate associate. Sadly, small country like Bhutan has hard time getting registered as an affiliate associate. May be because, doing online shopping has been restricted or it’s not that easy to buy a product from online due to band in international cards in Bhutan. International cards are hard to own by every people in a Bhutan. That’s why we hardly see our bloggers in Bhutan running an affiliate website like how other country blogger does. Moreover, while registering for affiliate marketing, Bhutan phone number are not accepted. so, process become little long were we have to register creating an account in textnow site.


Affiliate Marketing: Amazon
3 steps to join Affiliate Marketing in Amazon.

Amazon provides a commission at a maximum of 10% to the product you sell.

Read: Amazon Advertising fees structure.

By the way, among hundreds of companies who provides affiliate marketing facilities, Amazon could be the one that we can run in Bhutan. But, you know buying product from world online store is restricted in Bhutan. Except to the few people who have international card. Therefore, if you really want to run as an affiliate associate, it would be best if your website receives a traffic from countries such as United Kingdom. Otherwise, there will be a less chance of making good passive income. Give a try by registering as an affiliate associates in amazon.